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Relief Fund Update – Thank You From The Golf Staff

Dear Members,

Your generous contributions were recently shared with members of the El Tigre Golf Course staff. Ever staff member that received a payment was very touched and deeply appreciate of all of your support. Steve Johnson and all of his staff were tremendously appreciative of the outpouring of support that they received from League members in this time of need. I have attached an email from Jose Torres, who wrote an email on behalf of his colleagues thanking all of the members.


Subject: Thank you

Hello everyone! I’ll speak for everyone in the staff (golf  services, pro shop , cart girls , & cleaning girls) . Thanks for all the people that are involved in collecting money for us. One  more time each.  Each one of you show us how much you care for us , how much you’re worried about us.
 I got no words to say but thank you very much .. god blessed every single one .. this encourages us to give a better service for all you guys & gals , but the most important this is done with lot’s of love to us, got a big heart 


& it means a lot for us.
 I been speaking mostly to everyone & they are doing fine, hope you guys are the same, your families…

     You guys are great 


Please if I forgot to mention someone, let them know ..

One thought on “Relief Fund Update – Thank You From The Golf Staff

  1. webducks says:

    Thanks Markus–for your efforts and for continuing to follow-up.  I got Jose’s original email, which was very touching and I replied thanking the staff for all they do to make El Tigre special.  If you, (the general membership) are so inclined I would urge you to write now or sometime this summer to Steve or Jose and encourage them.  I think we all know it is going to be a long and very difficult summer for all concerned.  Best to all!  Jack  

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