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Skins Game

Summer League 2023

Skins game schedule is almost over. But Summer League is coming.
Schedule begins on May 1st and ends November 3rd.
Events are on each Monday and Friday at 11:00 AM.
Here is how to put this league in our calendar and then only check or uncheck events for playing or not.

Go to “My Clendar”.

Click on “Leagues” tab.

Check “Summer League”.

Click on “Save my leagues” at the bottom of the screen.

Going back in “My Calendar” tab at top, you will see Summer League events on the calendar.

Managing your calendar

As you all may know, tee times availability is very limited at this time of the year.
For many days before Friday, all 24 spots for Friday’s Skins Game were reserved.
On Thursday, 3 players cancelled and on Friday three others cancelled.
Result: there were 6 unused spots. 6 more players could have played.
It would be nice if every player could manage his calendar and cancel as early as possible.
Cancelling late or worse not canceling before game’s eve prevents players from playing.
Please manage your golf calendar responsibly.

Gérard Grégoire

Gringo Classic 2023

I’m happy to announce the 2023 Gringo Classic has been booked for Tuesday Feb 28, and Wednesday March 1.

This year in order to accommodate as many players as possible we have changed the team format to be Team Canada vs Team International. This will open the opportunity for some of the local national members to join the tournament. Our hopes are for 36 players per side.

Captains this year will be Tim Steele for Team Canada and Jack Gindi for Team International.

The format will remain the same.

Day 1: February 28 will be a 2 man best ball match play with 1 point awarded to the front 9, 1 point for the back 9 and 1 point for the overall, ties will consist of half point per team.
After there will be a burger and 2 beer will be served in the club house, while the draw is made up for day 2

Day 2: March 1 will be individual match play with the same point format.
Trophy presentation will be done following the final match.

All tees that are playable in men’s mixer events will be in effect.

The total cost is 1,300 psos. There will be a sign up sheet with the check in desk at the club.

We ask that you pay when you register with the desk and as well on your calendar. On the website, first select the event in the Leagues tab, then select both days in My Calendar and remember to save your calendar when doing so.

If you have a guest please register and pay for them with the desk, then email myself and I will add them in the calendar.

Looking forward to this coming years version with the addition of local players and expanded roster.

Kindest Regards

Alan Bayliss

Skins Game back soon

November is just weeks ahead and Skins Game season is coming back.

Every Mondays and Fridays at 11:00 from November 4th until April 28th, our exciting and friendly game will resume.

All events are already in the calendar. Just clicks away to sign in !

Hope to see you soon on the course.


© 2016 Duane Bender