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Winter Plans

I hope everyone had a good summer and stayed safe. Due to COVID-19, I suspect many of you will alter your normal winter plans, so the number of tee times we need for the skins game each week could be considerably different from past years. Therefore I ask that you take a moment to let me know your plans, so that I can ask Steve to block tee times for us.

I know things could change, but to the best of your knowledge, when do you plan to be in PV and playing in the skins game this year? Your answer can be as specific as arrival and departure dates or as general as “Late December through mid-March.”

You can reply to this post if you want others to see your plans, or you can email me at Thanks.

17 thoughts on “Winter Plans

  1. Myles McDonald says:

    Nuevo Vallarta is not in our plans this year at the moment. We are safe and isolated where we are. There have been no cases reported were we live. If something changes in Mexico and we can feel safe going for beers and food outside El Tigre, we will be there. Time will tell.

    It would be great if people that have been living in El Tigre, would let us know how they are living on a daily basis. Do they stay inside the area?. Do they go out for beers and food with friends?. Not a lot of communication for us folks that are not there. Please leave a reply if you can.

    Myles McDonald

  2. haryvan52 says:

    Still waiting for the opening of the border between Canada and USA (closed until October 21th ) if they open the border after this date, we plan to be in Nuevo nov 1st until mid April).
     See you then

  3. Patrick Hunter says:

    I am living here year around and have some help with my work and hope to play in the the League this year and play some skins

  4. jamnev says:

    We will arrive 12/29 thru 4/9/21 – Jim Neve

    • jamnev says:

      Jackie and I decided to return to PV Sunday November 1 so will start golfing that week! 

  5. Tim Steele says:

    Planning to arrive early October for the season.

  6. Ron Volk says:

    Plan is mid Nov.  to end of May.

  7. dinqui says:

    We plan to arrive mid November and stay until April. Look forward to seeing everyone.

  8. KeithBell says:

    I continue to be full time in El Tigre. Hope to welcome all you wonderful snowbird members back to Paradise this season. Good luck all. Cheers 🥂 

  9. Ray Kirton says:

    Arriving back on 9th Oct for complete season. Look forward to playing again with those who can make it. Hopefully everyone has had a healthy summer.  Keep well Ray UK

  10. Marcello Collucci says:

    Booked for Nov 15 – April 15 depending if our communist government (Trudeau) allows me to visit.

  11. mikmcd says:

    We are still in el tigre. No plans to leave. Beach club is partillay opened as is tennis, pickleball and large pool at the sports club. Stay healthy y’all.

  12. Rod says:

    We have a flight booked for Nov 8th  and will stay for the season. Looking forward to playing again after missing last year. Rod 

  13. Alan Bayliss says:

    Our plans are to hopefully be there late November but its a wait and see for us at this point. 

  14. biotto says:

    Hola DJ
    Hope to be in Nuevo early Jan until late April.
    Bruce Otto

  15. Jerry Quigley says:

    If we come, Duane, and that’s still a big “if”, it won’t be until January.
    We haven’t lived in snow for 25 years so we will be motivated to come to Paradise. I hope all are well and staying safe!

    • simonvallarta says:

      Planning for mid December through April with periodic trips back depending on quarantine protocols. Plenty of uncertainty.

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