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Gringo Classic 2025 – Questionnaire

The Gringo Classic committee would like your feedback.
Please use the following link to email your reply with the questionnaire and your answers: Gingo Classic – Questionnaire.


1. Would you like for Gringo Classic 2025 gift? Select one
a. Ball Cap team colors
b. Shirt team colors
c. No Gift
2. During next year’s two-day event, would you like a lunch on both days?
a. YES both days
b. One day only
c. No lunch
3. What would you feel comfortable for next year’s registration cost, regarding to your answers above? Select one
a $800 – $1,000
b. $1,100 – $1,500
c. $1,600 – $2,000
4. IF we ask during registration which Tee’s Blocks would you prefer to play? Select one
a. Golds
b. White / Gold Combo
c. White
5. ONE comment you like to see to improve for next year’s Gringo Classic?

Charles King 🇨🇦

2 thoughts on “Gringo Classic 2025 – Questionnaire

  1. tman says:

    #1 No gift

    #2 second day (buffet style) Rafa’s idea and I think it is a good one

    #3 A

    #4 Gold


  2. Rod says:

    1-no gift.2- lunch 1 day. 3- $800-1000. 4- W/G

    Thanks for volunteering.


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