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El Tigre Golf Course Staff – Relief Fund Update

I am very pleased to report that El Tigre Golf Course League members have provided tremendous financial support to the Relief Fund that was established in late March. The fundraising campaign ended earlier this week and the total amount on contributions received to date is $118,400 pesos. Steve Johnson and his staff will make the collected funds available to the impacted staff members in the very near future. The collected funds will be made available to the caddies, the beverage cart ladies, golf shop staff members and a few additional operational employees. Since the golf course is now closed for the month of April (and possibly longer), and all impacted staff members are unable to work, your contributions will provide much needed support to our dear golf course friends during this time of need. Steve and his staff are tremendously appreciative of all of your kindness and generocity.

Paradise Village Group also recently communicated that they would not be collecting any monthly Social and/or Golf membership dues, during the period that the impacted facilities are closed. For those members that have prepaid their annual dues in advance, the next annual statement will reflect a credit that will cover the time that the facility was closed to the public. For those members paying their membership dues on a monthly basis they will either, 1) get a credit for any monies already paid (when the facility was closed), 2) not receive a future bill if the facility was closed for the duration of that billing period, or 3) a combination of the above, if appropriate. Several members have already ask Steve if they could possibly donate any of their future credits to the current Relief Fund campaign. While Steve is extremely appreciative of this generous offering, it would be logistically and administratively very difficult to implement this initiative with the current accounting systems at hand. As such, it will not be feasible to implement this program at this time.

Steve and I want to thank everyone for their amazing support during this difficult period. We are all looking forward to the Fall when we will all be back together again and hopefully enjoying our beautiful golf course and being together again. In the meantime, we thank you very much for your generocity and for your caring. Most importantly, we wish all of of you and your families the best of health.

Markus & Steve

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