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Mens Mixer Wednesday January 18, 2017

ElTigre Golfers,

The game for this Wednesday will be a 4 man team format where the best 2 net balls of the team are recorded. Jeff Gayle will be kindly accepting your $50 peso contributions this week. Thank you Jeff.

Thanks to all the golfers for filling the fairway divots and repairing the ball marks on the greens. Keep up the good work as the golf course is being well used these days and can use all the help we can give it.

If you are planning to be here later in the year, and would like to help Phil with the NCAA women’s tournament, please contact him to find out the details.

Thanks for managing your calendars on the website, things are getting better.

HDCP’s Xcell sheet is attached below.

Until Wednesday……..

El CapitanHandicap Scores (38)

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