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Very Important regarding Gringo Classic

Hello Gringo Classic Golfers,

Due to golf course logistics and ElTigre being a resort course, The Gringo Classic will start at 09:00 hours (9 AM) on both the Tuesday and Wednesday rounds. It will be a shotgun start on both days. If you show up at 10 AM, you will have some very angry golfers to deal with.

The Green Fees for those whom are not members, can be purchased at the Pro Shop on Tuesday AM for $160.00 USD for both days (ie: $80 USD per round).

Please spread the word around as much as possible.

Thank you for consideration in this matter.


Myles McDonald

Gringo Classic Horse Race Rules & Format

The Horse Race will commence after the 18 hole better ball competition on the first day. The teams will be picked on the Draft Night Monday February 25, 2019 at Chasers. An email will be sent to all players so that they can indicate whether they want to participate. The email must be replied to by 12:00 hours (noon time) Monday February 25, 2019. If you forget to reply, then you have one chance to enter the competition by showing up at Draft Night and indicating you want to participate, otherwise you will not play. The entry fee is $200 peso per player.

The horse race is a 2 man alternate shot format with the following rules.

All players will be seeded into 2 flights via a circle seed format meaning that the highest and lowest handicap players will be paired together as the first team, and so on until all players are paired. For this reason we will be using the League handicap index from the white tees (for guests it will be there USGA or RCGA) index. All players will play from the white tees for this event.

We need to have a even amount of players hopefully everyone competing will participate which will give us 26 players or 13 teams per flight.

Please note that because of the circle seed there will be no separation of country i.e. no Canada USA division, all participants will be blended together.

There will be a referee for each flight. Steve Johnson will referee flight A and Hector Rodrigues will referee flight B

Preferably we will tee of the flights as follows: Flight A will tee off on hole 3 and Flight B will tee off on hole 1. This will depend on the course availability.

On the first hole the 2 man team will pick who tees off first, and from there on in it will be a true alternate shot. For example “If player 1 putts out player 2 must tee off on the next hole”.

We will be eliminating teams on every hole. The amount of teams that will be eliminated will depend on how many teams are entered but for example if we have a full field of 13 teams per flight we will eliminate 3 teams on the first 2 holes, 2 teams on the next 2 holes, 1 team on holes 5, and 6 which will then leave 1 winner who will claim 70% of the prize pool and the last team eliminated will receive 30%.

In the event of ties for elimination, the ties will be broken via a blind chip-off. Please note that the alternate shot rule applies for the chip offs as well meaning that which ever partner putts out the other partner must compete in the chip off.

Hopefully this all makes sense but if your unsure please feel free to email me.


Alan Bayliss

Mens Mixer February 20, 2019

Hello Golfers,

Another beautiful day in Vallarta. We will be playing the Red flag, White flag, Blue flag game this week, recording 1 net score on the red flag holes, 3 net scores on the white flag holes, and 2 net score on the blue flag holes.

Golf tee off time is 09:00 hours. Price is 100 pesos. The peso’s will be collected by Keith Bell this week. Thank you Keith.

Record your players gross/net scores on the upper part of card, and keep the net total number and the +/-format in the bottom rows for each hole. Also, record all gross deuces made by circling the score on the card.

Keep pace of play, and use those sand bottles, especially between the exit points and the green (ie: take a bottle with you).

For the Gringo Classic players: Please read the post on the website, and have your payment to me by the February 20th (Mens Mixer). I will be collecting after skins (3PM on Monday the 18th) also. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Until Wednesday…….

El Capitan

Gringo Classic Information February 05, 2019

2019 Gringo Classic Canada and USA

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Start time 10:00 am
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Start time 10:00 am

Playing Format

Each team/country will have 26 players this year.

Tuesday Format: 2 man teams / 18 holes of Best Ball / 80% of league handicap applied to Tee box played.

Wednesday Format: 18 holes of singles match play / 100% of league handicap applied from tee box played.

Other Important Information

1. The $2000 peso entry fee covers the following:
• Golfer’s gift for playing,
• The Rib night (see # 4),
• The golfer’s and the spouse’s meal. (see # 6), and entertainment

2. The Gringo Classic Draft will be held at Ross Mitchell’s Bar and Grill (aka: Chasers), Monday, February 25th, starting at 5 PM. All players are welcome and will be
responsible for own food and drinks. Ross will give a discount.

3. There will be a Horse Race after the completion of play on Day 1. The cost is $200 peso per player. There will be 2 flights, with 1st and 2nd place paid in a 70 / 30 split.

4. After the Horse Race, “All you can eat Ribs” and drinks at Chasers. Cost is covered by your entry fee. Men Only

5. There will be 50/50 tickets sold again this year. Tickets will be 3 for 200 peso’s or 10 for 500 peso’s. Pot will be split 3 ways like last year.

6. After Day 2 (Wednesday), a meal will be hosted at the El Tigre Golf Club Restaurant. Meals for players guest’s that are not golfing will be $600 pesos per person. Drinks & wine
are 2 for 1.

7. Cocktails: 5:30 – 6:30 PM, Dinner 6:30 – 8:00 PM, Music and dancing 8 – 11 PM.

8. Golfers whose plans do not include attending the dinner, will be charged a $1200 peso entry fee.

9. Money will be collected on Monday, Friday skins days and Wednesday Men’s League. All money to be collected by February 20th, 2019.


Gringo Classic Organizing Committee

2019 Gringo Classic Players Eligibility

The Gringo Classic

In the beginning the spirit of the Gringo Classic was to bring together people for a couple days of good old fun, golf, and spirited rivalry. It was hoped in the beginning that it might attract more of the Mexican golfers that are eligible to participate. The Gringo Classic was never intended to be a members only tournament, as we already have two of these tournaments every year. To make sure that we had enough players for the event, the players from the El Tigre men’s league were invited to sign up first.

There has been many suggestions put forth to the organizing committee, concerning who should be eligible to play, and whether there should be a Canada vs USA format. The five statements below will be the standard for the 2019 and future Gringo Classic tournaments.

1. Men’s League members will be given preference to play.

2. Guests of members that are returning to play in the GC will be
slotted after members have signed up.

3. If space is available, new guests of members that have never played
in the GC will be slotted.

4. If in the future, players with professional status would like to
play, they will play from the black tee’s with handicap calculated
according to their index.

5. The Canada vs USA format will be the standard.


Gringo Classic Organizing Committee

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