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2024 Gringo Classic

Hola to all Men’s League members!

For all of those that are returning for another wonderful season welcome back, and for those of you that stayed throughout the summer I’m sure you’re glad to see the weather cool down.

Save this date in your calendar, this years upcoming Gringo Classic will be held February 27/28, 2024 (Tuesday/Wednesday) just a few days following the Mexican Open, which has been moved up in the PGA schedule.

As mentioned last year at the windup, this year we will be eliminating the US/Canada format and dividing the teams after registration so that we can balance the teams as close as possible with handicaps to make for more closer matches etc.

This will defiantly ease the registration process and recruiting required, but I believe will also make for more exciting and fair competition.

We will be having 2 divisions this year which will be a white tee division and a gold tee division for those who qualify under the 83 rule (min age of 65 plus handicap). NO combo tee option.

I’m in the process of recruiting this years captains and will make that announcement in the coming weeks.

I’m also in the process of putting together budget numbers for the cost, i.e. tee gifts and meals, and will have this put together in the next few weeks as well.

Once I have the budget put together the registration will open at the club house, as we have done in the past and you will be able to register and pay there, as well it will be added to your calendar.

I’m looking forward to any other suggestions that you may have so please feel free to reach out to me if you have any.

Kindest Regards

Alan Bayliss

One thought on “2024 Gringo Classic

  1. jimvg says:

    Alan, thank you and any others who are helping you with this years event.  I thiuk it will be an exciting event and introduce players to new future friends while having a friendly competition. Count me in.  Jim von Gremp

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