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Save the date

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all in great shape and you had an enjoyable summer.

The couples league will resume on November 19th.  Details of this first event will follow shortly.

We are still playing at 10:00  and the cost is a 100 pesos per couple.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Francine & Michel

4 thoughts on “Save the date

  1. janmor says:

    Hi Francine, is it every week or every other week this season?


    • janmor says:

      sorry, I see now it’s all in the calendar of course- every other week.

  2. Chuck Achen says:

    Oops sorry about the spelling Francine

  3. Chuck Achen says:

    Thanks Fracine and Michel you guys do a great job on the couples will look forward to November 19.  Chuck and Rosanne

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