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Ladies League Friday Dec 3

Start time is a shotgun start at 9:30 am. Be ready to go by 9:15. The game will be a Two Lady Team Best Net ball. Prizes will be awarded for the Best Front 9 Net, Best Back 9 Net and the Best 18 Hole Net score. (Nassau)

Skills will be Deuces, Closest chip #4, Long Putt #7, KP #15.

The cost of the game is 50 pesos, skills are 20 pesos. Please bring the correct change!!

The Ringer Board will start this Friday and continue until the end of April. The cost for participation will be 100 pesos.

Sign up on the Calendar. Don’t forget to change to month to December!!

See you all on Friday,

Vivian and Francine


One thought on “Ladies League Friday Dec 3

  1. Patrick Hunter says:

    I am wondering if there is a plan to start up a games night?

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