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Men’s Mixer – Wednesday, December 8th

Hola El Tigre Golfers,

This Wednesday we will be playing a two person team game using Stableford scoring. Please use the following scoring process; Net bogie = 1 point, Net par = 2 points, Net birdie = 3 points, Net eagle = 4 points, and Net double eagle = 6 points. Please record both gross scores and net scores for all players on all holes and provide team Stableford summary scores for the front 9, the back 9 and the total 18 hole score. Also, please circle all gross deuces (2’s) on your scorecard and remember to repair all divots.

Holiday Donation Fundraising Event: The El Tigre Men’s League has had a longstanding tradition of taking up a holiday collection for the benefit of El Tigre Golf Club employees. Our fundraising efforts are off to a great start. This year’s fundraising campaign will continue through December 15th. All contributions are welcome. Please see either Don Marshall or myself if you are interested in making a donation.

Men’s League guidelines concerning unvaccinated players: The following agreement was reached by the Men’s League members: If you are unvaccinated, you need to let Markus know of your status by sending him a private email ( that will be kept confidential. For all other players, if you do not want to be paired with an unvaccinated player, you need to let Markus know of your request by sending him a private email that will also be kept confidential. Based on this information, Markus will be able to modify any of the computer generated pairings to make sure that everyone’s wishes are honored. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Good luck to all golfers!


One thought on “Men’s Mixer – Wednesday, December 8th

  1. Patrick Hunter says:

    Quick Question – does anyone know of a plan to start up Games and Card evening again?
    Thank you

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