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New Combo Tees

Note: This post has been edited to update the White/Gold combos to the latest version.

Our Director of Golf, Steve Johnson, has developed two new sets of tees for men to use here at El Tigre. They are the Blue/White Combos and the White/Gold Combos. When we update the My Handicap app this Saturday, you will be able to post from both these new tee sets, and the system will calculate and display your course handicaps from them. Here are the scorecards:

4 thoughts on “New Combo Tees

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  2. tman says:

    Well done Steve. This will change a lot of things and settle a lot of  Handicap based inequities.
    Thank you 

  3. Alan Bayliss says:

    Well done Steve Thank you for your efforts in accomplishing this well needed change. 

  4. Jerry Quigley says:

    Way ta go, Steve!!!!!!!

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