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Handicap App Changes

As I explained in an earlier post here, the golf world changed yesterday to the new World Handicap System. This necessitated changes to the My Handicap program on our website. Gérard Grégoire has completed the software changes to comply with the WHS, and he will be installing them this Saturday, January 4th. The My Handicap app will be offline for some time Saturday for installation and testing. So….

  • Before Saturday morning: You may post scores as normal. The course handicaps calculated during this period will not be correct, but scores posted will be recalculated and updated on Saturday.
  • Saturday morning: While we’re installing and testing the new software, you will not have access to the My Handicap page. Write down your scores and post them after the update has completed.
  • After Saturday morning: The new system will be active, and you may post scores and see your new WHS-complaint course handicaps.

The biggest difference you will notice is that your handicaps from the different tees will be markedly different. Under the old system, which did not take course rating into account in calculating course handicaps, your course handicaps were about the same (+/- 1 stroke) from all the tees. Under the WHS, which adjusts course handicaps to account for course ratings, your handicaps will be much different for each tee. For women, your handicap from the gold tees will be 3-4 strokes higher than from the red tees. For men, your handicap from the black tees will be 7-8 strokes higher than from the golds. The good news is that, no matter what tees you play from, and no matter what tees your opponents play from, you will use the displayed course handicap for your tees. No more subtracting 2 strokes when you play from the golds in Mens League, for example.

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