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Mens League Mixer November 7, 2018

El Tigre Golfers,

Welcome back to El Tigre for another golf season. The opening game will be the Waltz. The Waltz is the 1,2,3 game: Record 1 low net score on hole #1, Record the 2 low net scores on hole #2, Record the 3 low net scores on hole #3, and then back to recording the 1 low net score on hole #4, and so on…… Golf tee off time is 09:00 hours.

Record your players gross/net scores on the card, and keep the net total for each hole underneath the bottom player on the card. Also, record all gross dueces made by circling the score on the card.

Please have a look at the Mens League introduction page found under the “Leagues” tab on the website. It has some rules and information. This will be modified as new golf rules are implemented.

Lets try to remember to pick up the Closest to the Pin markers on the Par 3’s. I think it works like this: The last foursome will pick up the markers on holes 2, 6, and 12. The 16A or 16B team will pick up the marker on the 15th green. The 18A or 18B team will pick up the marker on hole 17.

Until Wednesday…….

El Capitan

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