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Pot luck & party

Hola golfers

Diane and I have been busy working on our pot luck for March 25th.

5 pm social at Playa Royale.

Dinner approximately 6:15 pm.

We investigated a few options but due to diet concerns and preference, we have decided to continue as we have done in the past.

Please email myself and Diane with the names and number of people attending.
Diane will need to submit a list to the guards at Playa Royale.

Include which food category you plan to bring.

Appetizers….. if you sign up in this category please arrive by 5 pm


Meat or main dish


Bring your choice of beverages.

We will provide ice, plates, napkins and plastic utensils.

We are renting tables and chairs. If our funding comes up a bit short we may collect a small donation that evening.

We are working on a speaker so we might have music after dinner.

It has been brought to our attention there is a rather entertaining magician available that would circulate around the tables a do magic tricks. It would cost approximately
150 pesos per couple (based on 20 couples). If this is something you want to see please let us know when you sign the food list.

The food list will also be circulated at couples golf the next two Sundays.

You must still let Francine know if you are playing golf on March 25th as always.

Thank you,
Dina Quinley and Diane Gmelin

9 thoughts on “Pot luck & party

  1. diagme says:

    Hi Nancy and Woody,

    Arrachera sounds great and yes. there is a grill for cooking.

    See you on Sunday

    Dina and Diane

  2. nanste says:

    Woody and Nancy will be attending,  We will bring 2 large speakers and arrachera.  Is there a grill available?  Please advise.  Thanks

    • dinqui says:



      there red is a grill! Diane knows more about the facilities than I do but I am positive there is a nice grill and a refrigerator.

      what can hook up to your speakers? I have a playlist on my IPad.




  3. Andy says:

    Sorry Traci and Andy are off to Park City that day be back April 2nd . For all those leaving before then we wish you a great summer and hope to see you in the fall .

    Andy and Traci Schmidt

    • diagme says:

      Traci and Andy,

      Sorry that you will miss the Pot Luck dinner.

      Safe travels …. have fun

      Dina and Diane

  4. [email protected] says:

    Meredith and Jack are playing golf that morning and we’ll bring a main…will a chicken and eggplant dish work?

    • haryvan52 says:


      • diagme says:

        Hi Carole and Yvan,

        A main dish sounds great!

        See you both on Sunday.

        Dina and Diane

    • diagme says:

      Hi Meredith

      A chicken and eggplant dish sounds amazing!

      thanks see you Sunday.

      Dina and Diane


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