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Mens Mixer 03-14-2018

ElTigre Golfers,

A beautiful Saturday in Nuevo. The game for this week will be what I call the Tee Box Mixer. 4 man teams will hit from the Red’s on Hole #1, from the Gold’s on Hole #2, from the Whites on Hole #3, and from the Blues on Hole #4. The process continues again by hitting from the red’s on hole #5, and so on. So like “The Waltz”, you will have to be aware of where you tee off from. The 2 best net scores will be recorded per team per hole. This game is not required to be posted in your handicaps.

To make it simple: Golfers will use their ElTigre Handicap from the White Tees as posted in the My Handicap on the website. Please look up your white handicap before playing. I will adjust the teams as much as possible to make them fairly equal. Closest to the pin and duece pot are still in play.

Bruce Gardner will be collecting your 100 peso’s this week. Thank you Bruce.

Rules as always: Lift-clean-place in fairway only, rake the trap before if needed, and after, for courtesy to the players following you.

Thank you all for keeping the course in good shape by filling in divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

If you would like to help in the Women’s NCAA match this weekend, please contact Hector ( ElTigre Head pro).

Until Wednesday,

El Capitan

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