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New Handicap System

As you may have noticed recently, our website ( has had a menu item called My Handicap. Gerard Gregoire has developed a system for entering your El Tigre scores and calculating your handicap, using the same formulas used by the USGA and Golf Canada. The managers of the leagues have decided to use this new system for all of our league events, beginning December 1. Additionally, Phil Woodrum has decided to use this system for all El Tigre members, whether league members or not (e.g., for club tournaments). Here are some details of the plan:
  • For now, this system will only be used for El Tigre scores. We will let you know if this changes in the future.
  • Between now and November 30, Phil will be entering your scores from his spreadsheet into the new system, so you will not need to do this. The scores he enters will be in the order played, but the dates will not be correct. (His spreadsheet keeps your last 20 scores, in order of play, but does not have dates attached to them.)
  • You will begin posting your own scores on the website starting December 1. If you have already started posting scores, please don’t post any more until December 1. (In fact, we’ve removed the My Handicap link from the menu, and we’ll put it back on December 1.) Between now and November 30, give your scores to Phil–either by turning in your scorecard, or by emailing it to him from the cart.
  • If you currently keep score on the golf carts’ GPS screen, and after the round email the score to Phil, starting December 1 you need to start emailing them to yourself instead. Phil will no longer be entering scores into his spreadsheet or calculating handicaps.
  • If you maintain your scores on a USGA or Golf Canada online system, it is up to you whether you post your scores on both systems. (I plan to do so myself.) We’re only saying that if you want to play in El Tigre leagues and club events, you need to post all your El Tigre scores on our website starting in December.
  • Please follow the USGA/Golf Canada equitable stroke control (ESC) rules to adjust the scores you post. These rules set a maximum number of strokes on a hole, based on your handicap. The rules are on the website’s My Handicap page.


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