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Mens Mixer November 22, 2017

ElTigre Golfers,

Well, here I am on a beautiful Friday evening, enjoying a nice cold cerveza, typing up this letter. Does it get any better than that.

The game for next week will be the 2 best balls of the foursome (net).

Wednesday will introduce a new entry fee of 100 peso for the event. The old system of 50 peso entry + 50 peso for deuce pot and KP will be no more.

Each 100 peso entry fee will be split 80% (80 peso) towards the game, 10% (10 peso) for the deuce pot, and 10% (10 peso) for the closest to the pin. The 80% or 80 peso will be split as follows: 35 peso for 1st place team, 25 peso for 2nd place team, 15 peso for the 3rd place team, and 10 peso for the 4th place team.

Thanks for keeping the course in good shape by filling in divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

For those golfing in the Members tournament on Saturday, have a great time.

Until Wednesday,

El Capitan

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