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How do I enter a score in the handicap system?

  1. Click ‘My Handicap’ on the red menu bar.
  2. Click ‘Add a game’
  3. Choose the tees you played from
  4. Enter the date you played the round
  5. Enter the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)* score for the round
  6. Click ‘Add game’

*An ESC score for a hole is the actual score for that hole, or the maximum allowed score for the hole, whichever is smaller. The maximum score for a hole depends on your course handicap. For course handicaps 0-9, the max is double bogey. For course handicaps 10-19, the max is 7. For course handicaps 20-29, the max is 8. For course handicaps 30-39, the max is 9. For course handicaps 40 and over, the max is 10.

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