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The Gamblers

The Gamblers play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting shortly after 10AM.  The group is open to all El Tigre members and their guests.  Depending on time of year, we will have anywhere from two to four groups, but there is no limit – the more the merrier.  The Gamblers are very informal, and try to make having fun the primary objective.  Cheating, however, is frowned upon.

  • Prize Money. Each players kicks in $200 pesos to the pot.  Payouts are equally divided, depending on the game and format.
  • Games.  There are a variety of formats, which are usually decided the morning of the game and driven by the number of golfers playing that day.
    • Skins.  Usually both net and gross skins. The skins pot will be divided equally among skins won.  No player can win both a gross skin and a net skin on the same hole.
    • Team games.  These vary from 2-man, to 3-man, to foursomes, “sixes”, Nassau, etc., with how many balls counted per nine dependent on the mood of the day.  We endeavor to build teams equitably, based on handicaps, moods, whining, etc.
    • Individual.  Full handicaps, sometimes gross as well (when enough players are present), front, back, overall.  Stableford scoring is sometimes used.
  • Players may play from their choice among the blue, blue/white, white, white/gold, or gold tees.
  • Handicaps are limited to a maximum of 16 strokes.
  • We will play by the Rules of Golf, with the following exceptions:
    • Players are allowed to lift, clean, and place their ball within one foot of its original position, anywhere on the course.
    • A player in a bunker may lift, rake, and replace his ball within one foot of its original position.
    • To speed play, players’ balls need not be played into the cup under three conditions:
  • If the ball is “in the leather,” meaning it is closer to the hole than the distance from putter head to the near edge of the putter’s grip, the putt can be conceded.
  • If the player’s ball is not going to count toward the team’s score for that hole. I.e., if two balls will count on the hole, and the team already has two pars, any other players on the team need not putt out for par or higher.
  • If the player cannot finish the hole with a score of net double bogey or better, he can pick up. Net double bogey is the maximum hole score both for this game and for handicap purposes.
  • Emergency 9s are a frequent occurrence, with most of the above rules ignored.

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