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2024 Gringo Classic

Hola Gringo Golfers;

All the final changes have been made and the teams are set, barring any last minute cancellations.

Date and Time reminders

Welcome reception, registration and draft at Vallarta Beer Gardens (previously known as “Chasers”) Monday 5 pm appies and beer provided.

Day 1 Tuesday
4 ball match play competition; Registration desk opens at 7:30 am, please be ready to in your assigned carts by 8:45, Shot Gun start at 9 am
Lunch and beer served after the round, optional horse race at 4 pm.

Day 2 Wednesday
Individual match play competition: Please be in your assigned carts by 8:45, Shot Gun start at 9 am
Final scoring and winner presentation to follow.

We will have as well a optional 50/50 draw tickets will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Draw to be made at the winning team presentation.

We will also have an optional KP entry which will be flighted between white and gold division holes 2,12, and 15 for white division, holes 6, and 17 for gold division both days. Entry will be 100 pesos prizes to be awarded after Wednesdays round. All funds for both 50/50 and kps go towards expenses for Monday reception.

Optional horse race entry fee 200 pesos, all money paid back to the winners 50% first place 30% 2nd place 20% 3rd place


Alan Bayliss

3 thoughts on “2024 Gringo Classic

  1. Charles King says:

    Gerard, Brad and Rossco.

       To bring Brad up to date.   I asked Gerald last Friday about a different skins format for 12 April 2024 with regards to Masters Golf Tournament.  Gerald said bring it up to the guys after the game.  I did after some discussion Rossco said to send the information in an email.

    12 April 2024
    -teams of four players 1 best net ball for eighteen holes.
    -after the game meet in the club house and each team will choose one (1) PGA player.
    -the PGA Player scores for Saturday & Sunday round will count towards the Teams score on Friday.

    Team A achieve a score on Friday of -8 and Team A pick Tiger Woods as the PGA Player.  Tiger shoots -5 on Saturday and -1 on Sunday.
    Take (-8) + (-5) + (-1) = Team A combine final score is -14.

     After the round of golf team with the lowest net score picks first.  In an event of a tie, (The Countback Method) the team with the lowest score on last hole / working back from hole 18.
    For example TEAM A and TEAM B tied with 6/5 on 18th hole.  Look at 17th hole if both teams are tied again with 4/3.  Look at 16th if TEAM B has a score 4/3 and TEAM A score of 5/4.  TEAM B will pick first for PGA player.  This will be the way that all ties will be determined for the order of selection of the PGA Player.

    24 players × $100 pasos= $2,400 pool.
    -payout 1st place $1,200….2nd  $800 ….. 3rd $400
    The payouts will be at the next Skins game.

    We can still do the regular skins game on 12 April 2024.  So the total entrance fee $200. $100 for the skins pool and $100 for the Masters.

    The team not agreeing with the selection of the PGA player I suggest two options.
    A. Put name in the hat of the four teammates and the person’s name is picked he chooses the PGA player.
    B.  We play as individuals and each person that is participating picks his own PGA player. This will pervert teams playing with three-man teams.  Some may not want to participate in the Masters formate but still can play in the skins format.  As Allan Bayliss mentioned this might be more suitable format.  A question might come up do we max out to individual’s Handicap on a hole?

    This is only a proposal to have a little variety in the Skins format and make the last two rounds of the Masters more interesting/excitement to watch on TV.

    Have a great weekend.

    Charles King 🇨🇦

  2. David Rostad says:

    Looking at the current tee time availability, it appears they may have blocked off Wednesday at 4:00 for the horse race instead of Tuesday.

  3. Myles McDonald says:

    Wishing all the golfers in the Gringo Classic a great time this year. Another great job done by Alan, his support group, and Steve Johnson to field the Gringo Classic this year. Looking forward to next year when I am able to attend.
    Best regards,
    Myles McDonald

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