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New Foursomes for Skins

As you may have seen on your golf calendar, almost all foursomes for Skins Games are full.
Today, Brad St-Pierre and Gérard Grégoire as league managers had a meeting with Steve Johnson, general manager of El Tigre Golf.
Steve agreed to reserve tee times for a maximum of six (6) foursomes beginning next Friday.

As usual, we must be ready to start our game on time and frequently before our tee time. Be ready to go 15 minutes before scheduled tee time. Pace of play was also important to obtain and maintain this number of players. Always be ready for your turn.

We ask you to keep your golf calendar up to date, signing in before 3:00 PM the day before the game.
It is also important, even more important, to sign out as soon as possible when you signed in and you kow you cannot play. Other players may be waiting for your place to play Skins.

Brad and Gérard

One thought on “New Foursomes for Skins

  1. Jim Redmond says:

    if someone drops out for Monday skins let me know.  It is full as of Sunday 5pm on calendar.
    I’ll play either way tomorrow, just be more useful if there is an opening.

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