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Gringo Classic 2023

Here are the final results for Gringo Classic 2023

Day one:
Team Canada:18.5
Team International:35.5

Day two:
Team Canada:58.0
Team International:50.0

Team Canada:76.5
Team International:85.5

Congratulations to to Team Inernational.

I would like to thank the captains for the many hours put into helping make this years event the success. It was Team International, Jack Gindi, and Ron Volk, and for Team Canada Tim Steele and Brandon Morrice.

As well I would like to thank Gérard Grégoire for his great work with the pairing announcements, and Myles McDonald for his fabulous selling skills with the 50/50 (well at least I know 2 people are very happy, Don Morrow and Dwain White congratulations on the big haul)

I would also like to congratulate our Horse Race winner Senior Otto and David Pollick and runner ups Claude Perrault and Peter Vitols.

A special thank you needs to go to Steve, Hector, Cesar and the rest of the entire staff. Great job as always.

Preparations are already under way for next years event which will be Tuesday Feb 27, and Wednesday Feb 28 2024. Further info coming soon.

Until next year.


Alan Bayliss

2 thoughts on “Gringo Classic 2023

  1. Rod says:

    Great job to you also Alan 👍🏻

  2. Charles King says:

    Event Organizers,

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication and making my first Gingo Classic an enjoyable experience.  During the event I met knew people which was great.

    To all the visitors during the event and people heading back to Canada to see love ones.  Safe journeys and looking forward to your return.

    Charles King 🇨🇦

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