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Managing your calendar

As you all may know, tee times availability is very limited at this time of the year.
For many days before Friday, all 24 spots for Friday’s Skins Game were reserved.
On Thursday, 3 players cancelled and on Friday three others cancelled.
Result: there were 6 unused spots. 6 more players could have played.
It would be nice if every player could manage his calendar and cancel as early as possible.
Cancelling late or worse not canceling before game’s eve prevents players from playing.
Please manage your golf calendar responsibly.

Gérard Grégoire

One thought on “Managing your calendar

  1. Jim Redmond says:

    Darn it…I check frequently because as you said it fills quickly and I wish to play. As I live in Punta de Mita it’s tough to get there last minute fill-Ins, but I often could be available to fill in with a couple hours notice.

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