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Updated Men’s Mixer – Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

Hola El Tigre Golfers,

I spoke with Don yesterday and we agreed to make a few changes to our two-person team event scheduled for tomorrow.

We will stay with our two-person team game, but we will add a third section that will include a best ball format. For holes 1 – 6, all teams will play a traditional scramble game. For holes 7 – 12 all teams will play an alternate shot game, and for holes 13 to 18 all teams will play a traditional best ball game. Each team will only need to record one score for all holes. Normal scramble rules will apply on holes 1-6, and for the alternate shot game (holes 7 – 12) each team member will take a tee shot and for the second shot each player will play their partner’s ball. After each player has played a second shot, they can then choose which ball to play next using the alternate shot format. For the par 3, 12th hole, each player will play a tee shot and they will then decide which ball they will play next, using the alternate shot format. This pattern is continued until the hole is completed. For the last 6 holes we will be playing a traditional best ball game where the best net score for each team is used. All teams will be asked to play from the White/Gold tee boxes and for handicapping purposes (this will only apply to the best ball game for holes 13 -18) we would ask that all players to use their White/Gold handicaps. If you do not know your White/Gold handicap, please ask one of the caddies to provide you with this information. An updated handicap list of all members is available in the caddie shed building.

Additional announcements/clarifications will be made on Wednesday morning to ensure that all teams are competitive. Please record only the team gross score for holes 1 – 12 and provide summary scores for the first six holes (1 – 6), and the second six holes (7 – 12). Also, record the best team net score for the last six holes (13 to 18), and lastly please provide a team summary score for all 18 holes.

I promise that for the following week we will make it easier. Also, please circle all gross deuces (2’s) on your scorecard and remember to repair all divots and rake out any bunkers.

Good luck to all players!


One thought on “Updated Men’s Mixer – Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

  1. Charles King says:

    I am not able to attend tomorrow’s men’s league.   Sorry

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