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CALENDAR – Ladies League

This notice is to all ladies who participate in the weekly Ladies League. As some of you may know, we are experiencing ladies showing up to play on Fridays and are not on the “official” listing as registered to play. As well, we have ladies that are “register” to play and not showing up resulting in what appears to be a “no show”. After doing some research, it appears this is mostly the result from ladies that are selecting to play or de-selecting to not play on smart phones and tablets and are not “saving” their changes. Please, if you are one of those using smart phones and or tablets PLEASE make sure that you are “saving” your changes. Hopefully this will ensure smoother Friday mornings for those of us who are organizing the games and trying to ensure that you have an enjoyable day of golf and camaraderie.

Thank You

2021/22 Organizing Committee

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