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Gringo Classic Signup, U.S. Team

Note: Our membership database does not identify nationality, so I cannot send this to only American players. Canadians can simply disregard, with my apologies.

Signups for the Gringo Classic are showing the usual trend, with 17 Canadians and 9 Americans signed up to date, and we’d like to have equal numbers. We may have opportunities to recruit non-members from the States to come down and play, but I don’t want to do so until I know how many American members intend to sign up. So although you have until January 21st to sign up, I would encourage you to do so sooner than later. The later we wait to begin trying to recruit non-members to play, the harder it will be.

Signing up requires two actions. You need to sign up on the website calendar, just as you normally do for our league events, and you must pay in the golf shop ($1000 pesos for members, $3000 pesos for non-members). Please sign up on the calendar ASAP; you can pay any time prior to the event on February 16th.

As Alan Bayliss explained before, here are the steps necessary to sign up on the calendar:

  • Log in to as normal
  • Click Calendar
  • Above the calendar, click Leagues
  • Check the box next to “Gringo Classic 2022 – USA
  • Click “Save leagues in my calendar” at the bottom of the page
  • Click “My Calendar” on the top menu
  • Go forward to February, and you should see the event on February 16th
  • Click the box and save the month, just as you do for our weekly league events

Thanks for your help, and let me know if you have problems signing up.

Duane Bender

2 thoughts on “Gringo Classic Signup, U.S. Team

  1. Patrick Hunter says:

    I have no problem if Gringas play in the Gringo classic.  In Spanish gringos would include both gringas and gringos, whereas the Gringas only include the fairer sex.

  2. Karan Borges says:

    Just want to confirm since I don’t see it specified, the Gringos Classic is men’s only? 🙁 (As in gringo = man, vs gringo = universal)

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