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Trust the one you love

Dear lovebirds,Résultat de recherche d'images pour "images love birds kissing"

Since it’s Valentine’s day we are playing teams of two. The game this week is a combination of Chapman and scramble and is played as follows:

Mr & Mrs X both hit their tee shots, then on the second shot they hit their spouse’s tee ball Résultat de recherche d'images pour "emoticons" . After that, they choose the ball they wish to continue playing with and they play scramble until the hole is completed.

This is a net competition. We are using 40% of the highest handicap and 60% of the lower handicap. For example: Mr X has a 20 handicap and Mrs X has a 10 handicap. Mr X gets 40 % of 20 which is 8 shots and Mrs X gets 60% of 10 which is 6 shots. The team handicap is 14.

Tee time is a ten as usual and the cost is 1♥♥ pesos per couple.

Please feel free to wear Valentine’s day color.

Hasta el domingo los enamorados.

Francine and Michel

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