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New Scorecard, Ratings and Slopes, and Stroke Indices

The Mexican Golf Federation has rerated El Tigre, and new scorecards reflecting the changes are currently being printed. Hopefully they will arrive in the next week or so. You will notice that the slopes and ratings of all tees have increased, and that the stroke indices (aka “hole handicaps”) have changed significantly.

This website’s Handicap calculator has also been updated with the new slopes and ratings, so they will be used in calculating the “differentials” for scores you enter from now on.

One thought on “New Scorecard, Ratings and Slopes, and Stroke Indices

  1. Ron Volk says:

    Just back 4 days ago, signed up for Wed. & noticed there were signups for skins games, has this started yet?  Also other than W. Men’s day, if anybody’s playing and looking for another person I am available, send me a a text +1 760-409-3034, or my email is now  Glad to be back.
    Thanks, Ron Volk

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