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November 20th

Hola ladies,

We have tee times for this coming Friday. For safety reasons, I don’t intend to collect money and meet afterwards. If you want to play for fun with those who are here, please join us.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


2 thoughts on “November 20th

  1. Leanne Parsons says:

    Hi Francine thanks for the message and good to have you back! How is Friday going to work? I would like to join in on ladies Fridays (as it would be great to see everyone)  but would prefer to stay in our group that we have been golfing with all summer now that we are sharing carts again.  Do we let you know in advance who we would like to golf with so the carts are set up when we arrive?  I won’t make it this Friday but should be available November 27th (will confirm next week).  thank you  Leanne Parsons

  2. Diane Stilwell says:

    I will arrive on Dec 29.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful golf season.

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