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Sunday February 23rd

Hola amigos,

Sunday’s game will be teams of 4, playing the flag game.

We will count 2 bb net on red flags 🙂, 4 bb net on white flags 😱 and 3 bb net on blue flags ☹️

We tee off at 10:00, cost is 100 pesos per couple and the maximum handicap is 40.

Hasta domingo

Francine & Michel

3 thoughts on “Sunday February 23rd

  1. Debbie Graham says:

    Hello Hello,  This Sunday March 8th, are we playing couples?  Is the big group still going on this Sunday? Please let me know, so we can change our tee times if they are not playing on Sunday.    Thank you   Debbie

    • Debbie Graham says:

      And the 15th? Thank you for your response.

  2. Mike Vinet says:

    Bonjour, on fait comment pour s’inscrire dans la ligne des couples, merci

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