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Women’s League Fri Mar 15t

Hola Chica’s,

This Friday we will be playing a game called PRECIOUS.  You will be either a DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE, RUBY or EMERALD!  Scoring will be done by STABLEFORD (net bogie – 1 pt, par 2 pts, birdie – 3 pts, eagle- 5 pts).  Points will cumulated at the end of the round to see which team wins!  Skill Events will be announced on Friday.  Francine and Janet are your  captains this week.

Hopefully you have all signed up by now.  If not, please check your calendar and enter by 3:00 tomorrow.,

This will be a special event with lunch after the round of golf.  You are asked to pick your lunch when you sign up before you go out.  Cost of the meal will be 150 pesos.  This includes the tip.  Cost of the game is 50 pesos, skills 20 pesos.  Correct change is appreciated!

Congratulations to last weeks winner of the Couples event.  FRONT 9 – Louise F, Mary M, BACK 9 – Janet, Carole, 18 HOLES – Mimi, Carole.  Hidden Hole – Anna , KP to 150 #5 – Mrynalynn,  KP # 12 – Sharon.

The Flamingos Event on Thursday was very well done, with a complimentary free drink when we came in for lunch, door prizes and a Golf Ball for everyone as a Tee Gift!!  Congratulations to all El Tigre winners at this event.

Ringer Board awards will be handed out as well this Friday.

Hasta Luego,

El Tigre Women’s Committee

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