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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Mens League 2018-2019

Hola Golfers,

I happen to be in Nuevo at the present time taking care of my kitty cats. This allows me the opportunity to witness the spectacular thunder/rain/lightning storms. Mother nature provides entertainment for free.

I thought I would populate the Mens League Calendar for the upcoming season. You should now be able to login and check the Wednesday boxes in your own calendars for the dates you would like to play.

The course at this time of the year is very green and lush. The rains make the greens very receptive. Fairway grass is allowed to grow a bit higher than normal, otherwise it would be very muddy. The greens have just been deep punched for the final time before the regular playing season. It looks to be another great year.

On a personal note: I am migrating to Gmail. My new email is Please use this address rather than my old Yahoo address.

Have a great fall season, and will see you later

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