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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Skins Game Calendar Changes

Because some of you sign up for our skins games well in advance, I want to inform you of two changes to the schedule:

February 16: No skins game, due to the Gringo Classic

March 2: We WILL have a skins game on Friday, March 2nd.


Men’s Mixer 01/31/2018

ElTigre Golfers,

The game for next week will be a 4 man team event (net score), recording 3 balls / holes 1-6, 1 ball / holes 7-12, 2 balls / holes 13-18.

Larry Klaus will be accepting your $100 peso’s this week. Thank you Larry.

Gringo Classic News: We are going to draft the players for the opening 18 holes of 2 man better ball, after the peso’s are given out on Wednesday. If you are not busy, stick around and have some fun with the draft.

Until Wednesday…….

El Capitan

Mens Mixer 01/24/2018

ElTigre Golfers,

The game for Wednesday will be the “Waltz”. The Waltz is the 1,2,3 game: Record 1 low net score on hole #1, Record the 2 low net scores on hole #2, Record the 3 low net scores on hole #3, and then back to recording the 1 low net score on hole #4, and so on……

Brad St. Pierre has will kindly accept your 100 peso contributions this week. Thank you Brad.

Thanks for keeping the course in good shape by filling in divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

Don’t forget to pay the entry fee for the Gringo Classic if you have not done so already.

Until Wednesday,

El Capitan

Sunday couples golf

Hi everyone,

This week we’re going to have the option of “another spouse” for the afternoon.  There is absolutely no problem if you prefer playing with your spouse. I just need to know if your changing or not in order to plan the teams.  Please let me know by sending  me an e-mail.

The game will be teams of 2 , we will count the best ball net on each hole.

Game is 50 pesos per couple.

Hasta Domingo a las 10:30.

Francine & Michel



Wednesday Mens Mixer 01-17-2018

ElTigre Golfers,

The game for this week will be a 4 man stableford (net). 1 point for bogies, 2 points for pars, 3 points for birdies, 4 points for albatross.

Don Marshall will collect your 100 peso’s this week

Please help keep the course in good shape by fixing ball marks on the greens and filling all divots.

Until Wednesday, may all your shots be true.

El Capitan

© 2016 Duane Bender