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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Mens Mixer January 4th, 2017

A Happy New Year to all golfers and best wishes for 2017,

The game for January 4th will be the 4 man net stableford format. Double bogey or more is zero points, a bogey is 1 point, a par is 2 points, a birdie is 3 points, and an eagle is 4 points. Gross score for hdcp purpose are recorded on top of score card, and the combined stableford points on each hole is recorded on the bottom.

Duane Bender will be accepting your $50 peso donations this week. Thank you Duane.

Over the Christmas break, the course is taking a beating from all the tourists. please make a special effort to fill all divots and repair as many ball marks as possible.

I am starting this week to attach a Xcel handicap sheet to this sign up note. This sheet is compiled by Phil on a weekly basis. The “membership” tab is the handicap based on the scores you have emailed Phil (outside of Mens Mixer rounds). This may differ from your own handicap that you keep for yourself, as you may not email Phil every round you play. If you want a legitimate handicap, that can be verified for tournament purposes, email your rounds directly from the golf cart to, and save yourself a lot of work. (Note: one email to Phil covers both persons on the score card).

Until Wednesday…..

El CapitanHandicap Scores (33)

Couples golf 2017

Ho-ho-la good boys and girls,

We hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones! We would like to wish each of you a very happy and healthy 2017.
Couples golf will resume on Sunday January 8th at 10:30.
Please note that on Sunday the 15th, we will be playing at a later time, 12:30. Golf will be followed by a pot luck dinner for those wishing to participate. Mary-Lou Plant will be coordinating this activity.
We are looking forward to our return on December 30th.

Hasta luego.

Your elfs from the frozen north ☃️❄️?

Mens Mixer Wednesday December 28th

Feliz Navidad to All,

The 4 man game for Wednesday will be called Red Flag, White Flag, Blue Flag, where 1 net ball is recorded on the Red Flag holes, 2 net balls recorded on the White Flag holes, and 3 net balls recorded on the Blue Flag holes.

Thank you all for the donations for the Staff Christmas. They all wanted me to mention how much they all appreciated our generosity.

Keep filling those divots and repairing the ball marks, it makes a huge difference in the quality of the golf we enjoy.

I will gladly accept your Pesos on Wednesday. Until then……….

El Capitan

Wednesday Mens Mixer December 21, 2016


Thank you for your kind donations for the golf staff that take care of our needs. I am sure their families will appreciate this gesture.

The game for this week will be the “Christmas Waltz” which is also called 1-2-3. 4 man teams net score. So, starting at hole No. 1 – one best score is recorded. Hole No.2 – the best 2 scores are recorded. Hole No.3 – the best 3 scores are recorded. This process then repeats itself around the course.

I will gladly accept your $50 peso contributions this week.

I asked Phil if he wanted us golfers to remove the broad leaf grass we find on some of the greens. This is Phil’s reply:

You can remove them, but if you do not get the roots it will continue. This is actually a form of bent grass and populates down here when the bermuda starts going dormat. Because of the cooler temps, the bermuda leaves ´´holes´´ in which this can come up in. This problem will not go away for another 2 to 3 years in our program of progression.

So, I leave it to you, if the broad leaf annoys you, then carefully remove them. The broad leaf grass is well rooted, so try not to make a mess of the green. Be aware, that the brown spot of soil that is left after the broad leaf is removed will probably take some time to fill in, so try not to disturb the area around the pin (2-3 yard radius). I am sure that Phil will be monitoring this, and if he feels that we are doing more damage than good, he will ask us to stop.

As always, thanks for taking care of the course by filling divots & repairing ball marks. See you Wednesday.


El Capitan

Sunday December 18th

Hola amigos,

Already last event of 2016. This week we will play teams of two couples, two best ball net (one man and one lady’s net ball per hole). Maximum handicap of 36. Cost 50 pesos per couple.

Enjoy yourselves!

Francine & Michel

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