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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Men’s Mixer – Wednesday, November 3rd

Hola El Tigre Golfers,

This Wednesday we will be playing a four person team game, where three best ball net scores will be required for all Par 3 holes, two best ball net scores will be required for all Par 4 holes and only one best ball net score will be needed for all Par 5 holes. For scoring purposes, please record both gross scores and net scores for all players on all holes and provide team summary scores for the front 9, the back 9 and the total 18 hole score. Also, please circle all gross deuces (2’s) on your scorecard and remember to repair all divots.

We should be off to a great start for the season. I expect that we will have at least 20 players participating in next Wednesday’s event. Good luck to all golfers!


News Article About Hector

The publication El Capitalino published the following article after interviewing Hector during the recent PGA LatinoAmerica tournament at El Tigre. It’s a poor Google translation, but here is the link to the original article.

Héctor Rodríguez, 33 years of his life teaching golf

by Tesalia Alonso García | Oct 8, 2021


Since the age of 11, Héctor Rodríguez has been fond of golf, a sport that is not popular in our country, but that for some is a passion, from walking through its landscapes, to exercising trying to hit a small ball.

Héctor, an accountant by profession, decided to dedicate his life to teaching this discipline, he has been teaching classes to young people, children, adults and anyone who wants to know how golf is played for 33 years, on the El Tigre course, located on the Riviera Nayarit, where for a class it is charged at 870 pesos and lasts 50 minutes.

“The main steps, as number one is the way to wield the stick, number two is the posture, the position of your body, number three is the alignment of your body and start to form your swing, but basically it is the most important. By working with this you will start to hit the ball, you will be more consistent, as long as you take care of those details.”

From a young age, when he earned 12 dollars for being Caddie, carrying two heavy bags full of golf clubs, Héctor decided that this would be part of his life.

“We started since 1988, I love the truth, it’s my life, it’s my sports, this I live from and I love teaching. I’m an accountant, but my office is a golf course, my office is more relaxed, it’s what I like, and I love the truth.”

The love for this sport was born when he was invited to a course and from there he no longer let go of this passion: “It was something curious because I have an aunt that her husband worked as a starter on a golf course and because of the relationship with them, he invited me one day, I began to like it and from there I continued.”

Héctor, considers that practicing golf is healthy, it is not only a sport for old people or for you to relax: “the best thing that golf has left me is health, happiness, this is not bought with anything and many people have the idea that it is a game of old people who go after the ball, but already analyzing it, it is a very good exercise to work your whole body

But mentally it also has its benefits: “and it is very satisfying when you hit well you get excited and satisfied, but when you miss a shot you want to break the sticks, but you have to learn to control your emotions and that helps golf to control yourself, your emotions, your weaknesses, little by little it teaches you.”

Men’s Mixer – Men’s League Season Starts Wednesday, November 3rd

Hola El Tigre Golfers,

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe summer. Customary to tradition, the Men’s League season will formally start the first Wednesday in November, which is less than three weeks away. The calendar has been updated accordingly so that you can now check off the dates that you expect to play, based on your personal schedule and availability. I will plan on sending out an updated post, the weekend before our first event that will provide additional information concerning the game that we will be playing on November 3rd.

Safe travels and best wishes to all!


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