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Torne💍 de gemas

Hi everyone,
This Friday, March 15th, 60 beautiful gems are participating in this event.
The tournament format is a stableford and the team collecting the most points from their net score will be the winner.
You are requested to check in between 8:00 and 8:30.  A meeting of all players will be held at the starter shack at 8:45
to communicate foursomes, starting holes and activities for the day.  Tee time is 9:00 a.m.
Please wear the colour of your gem the day of the event.  Here are the 2024 teams :
Ruby Diamond Sapphire Emerald
France V. Andrée Danielle P. Brenda
Joanne E. Carol D. Diane K. Carole M.
Julie Guylaine Gemma Charli
Kim Judy Janet Debbie
Kristen Kathryn B. Lisa Denise
Krys Kathy K. Louise F. Diane G.
Linda Lori Lucie F. Dilene
Louise B.A. Marie-Josée Lucie V. France R.
Mary Kay Marylin Mary Janice
Myrnalynn Meredith Mary-Lou Kathy H.
Pat Michelle R. Michèle C. Nella
Rosanne Penny Claire Mimi Sandra L.
Sandra T. Rosie Rhonda Sylvie
Tracy Sue W. Rosa Vicky
Vivian Teri Susan B. Wendy
Looking forward to a great day of fun
Francine & Sylvie

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