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Gingo Classic 2023

Welcome to this years Gringo Classic. The two-day event will start with the 2 Man Best Ball on February 28th as a shotgun starting at 9:00 AM. Day two will be the traditional Singles matches using tee times starting at 9:00 AM.

To make the event as enjoyable as possible and provide some variety for players we have used the principal of creating the 2-man teams using a low and mid handicap player or a mid and higher handicap player and then matching these teams between the Canadian and International teams. Our hope is to have unique pairings on day one and day two to create more opportunity for connection between players. For the Singles matches we will try to follow the principal of matching handicaps from low to high to create close matches with players of similar ability playing each other. These pairing will be assigned following the conclusion of the 2-man best ball event on Tuesday.

On both days the strokes given under match play will be taken off the low handicap player in the group or match following USGA match play handicap protocol. As an example, in the two-man best ball if player handicaps are 5, 8, 10 and 11. The player at 5 will go to zero and the others will receive strokes on 3, 5 and 6 most difficult holes respectively. Similarly, in the singles match play event the lower handicap player will go to zero and the higher handicap player will receive the handicap difference. As an example, if player one has a 10 handicap and player two has a 14 handicap. Player 2 will receive 4 strokes assigned to the most difficult holes.

We have attempted to make pairings for the 2-man best ball that have players of similar skill playing off the same tee to add consistency. Team Captains have worked together to identify tee box assignments for each player based in most cases where a player has usually played or is qualified to play. Gold Tee boxes will remain in their usual place. The White tee boxes will be used for most players to eliminate the need to use White/Gold tees. The exception will be in situations where we have had to assign a white tee box player with a gold tee box player. In these cases, the white/gold tee box has been used with the appropriate handicap assigned. To avoid confusion, tee box assignments cannot be changed at the tee Tuesday morning before play.

An optional Horse Race event will take place following day one play commencing at 4:00PM. If you are interested in playing you can add your name to the list when you register in the morning in the Clubhouse. The fee will be $200 pesos to enter the horse race. In addition, an optional KP and Deuce Pot is available at $200 pesos to cover both days. This can be entered during registration.

The burger and beer included in the entry fee will be provided following the singles matches on March 1st. Players are encouraged to enjoy a beverage and some lunch in the restaurant after the Best Ball matches on day one while the pairings for day two Singles matches are prepared and announced. The Horse Race event will follow the announcement of the Singles matches.

Click the link below to view the pairings for February 28th.

Click here for Tuesday Pairings

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