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Get course handicap from a valid golf index

A new fonction has been added to the El Tigre Leagues website.
You have a guest or you know somebody who has a valid golf index and you want convert this index into a course handicap.
This new feature allows you to convert any valid golf index to a course handicap for the El Tigre course or any other course in the world.
Here is the way to use this new feature.
On the main menu go to ‘Myhandicap’ then choose ‘Handicaps & scores’ tab at the top. You will see this new part with two links

Click on one of the links. You will be redirect to a new page. On this page enter an index in the input text box. Then click on appropriate button to get the course handicap.

One thought on “Get course handicap from a valid golf index

  1. Alan Bayliss says:

    Great addition. This will be very helpful for the Gringo

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