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6 thoughts on “Gringo Classic – Update

  1. mikmcd says:

    The written info about the Gringo is worthless. What is the calendar of events? Pre-dinner, lunches, post dinner? What is the format? When will we know who we play with? Starting times? 

    • Alan Bayliss says:

      The format was explained on the original post back in January. 
      the draws for the pairings and tee times are going to be done on Friday after skins and a announcement to that effect is goi g to be done at Mens day tomorrow. 

      • mikmcd says:

        Where is the post? Who are the captains? How about a repost?

  2. Martin Dorfman says:

    Hi Allan

    Please contact me regarding gringo classic.
    Can not play

    Martin Dorfman

  3. Ricky Fontaine says:

    Gerard, If there is an opening, I will be at the driving range and would join in this morning.

  4. brypro says:

    Hi Gerard,
    Would you add my friend Dan Newton to our Skins Game this Friday tge 4th.
    He is a 21 handicap.
    Thanks,  Bryan Proskiw (

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