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COVID Rules – Ladies League

COVID is now all around us in Nuevo Vallarta and spreading fast. We want to continue enjoying golf, but safely and without putting ourselves and others at risk.

Below are the rules for the coming weeks and months for the Ladies League, which we hope will keep the game from being the source of a COVID outbreak.

Everyone in the League should adopt and comply with these rules for herself and for all other players. There will be no enforcement police, but as friends, we should help each other to play golf safely. So by signing up for and playing in the League, you are implicitly telling your friends that you are complying with these rules.

1- I don’t play if I am not fully vaccinated.

2-I don’t play if I have COVID symptoms, whether COVID-tested positive or not.

3- If I have COVID, I don’t play until I reach at least 5 consecutive days without symptoms or get a negative test.

4- If I have been in close contact with a person having COVID in the last 5 days, I don’t play in the games.

5- I will not play within the first 5 days after arrival in Puerto Vallarta by plane or other public transportation. This rule is for regular as well as for temporary players.

Rosalie Barnes

Adopted from Gérard Grégoire, Skins League Manager

January 10, 2022

One thought on “COVID Rules – Ladies League

  1. marpla says:

    Thanks for reminding us all how to stay safe during this ongoing pandemic!!

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