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El Tigre Golf Course Reopens on Friday, March 27th, 2020

Dear Fellow Golfers,

We have just received the following exciting announcement from Steve Johnson, El Tigre Golf Course General Manager, concerning the reopening of the golf course, effective 7:15 AM, Friday, March 27th, 2020.


Dear Members,

During these trying times, every decision made by ownership and management have been made with 2 things in mind.  First, ensuring the safety of our members and staff and making the most responsible decisions possible at the moment.  Second, following government guidelines set forth by National and Regional government entities.  We are in agreement with worldwide health organizations as well as government guidelines that if we are responsible now we can limit the severity in our area of this outbreak and life can return to normal much quicker.

With that being said, we feel that if everyone is committed to following extreme safety precautions it is possible to re-open the El Tigre golf course.  I have spoken with many colleagues both in the United States and in Mexico.  Many have been able to keep their golf courses open for play following strict safety guidelines while some have been forced to change the decision and close because golfers were not able or willing to follow the regulations in place.  We are counting on our members and guests to commit to following all of the safety and health guidelines I am listing below:

  1. One player per golf car.  Husband/wives, family members can ride together if desired but all other play will need to follow this procedure at all times.
  2. We will be spacing tee times further apart to keep with the “Social Distancing” recommendations of all health organizations.  You will need to keep this distance between groups at all times.
  3. Golf Members will not need to check in for their round in the Golf Shop.  Proceed directly to the Golf Car Staging Area and let the service staff know you are here.  They will communicate with Golf Shop staff and the check in process will be handled without this interaction.  Guests and non-members will still need to check in in the Golf Shop.  during check in please stay 6 feet away from other customers while you are in the Golf Shop.
  4. We have devised a method to allow for no touching of the flagstick.  Your golf ball will not fall to the bottom of the hole when you are putting.  Whether your ball is resting against the flagstick or bounces off, it is considered holed.  Simply pick up your ball without touching flagstick and proceed to the next tee.
  5. We will be removing rakes from the golf cars.  During this time simply move your ball to an acceptable position in the bunker and play from that spot. 
  6. Please follow all “Social Distancing” guidelines.  Stay 6 feet away from your playing partners, staff and other golfers.
  7. Service staff will only handle your clubs after you are completely finished putting personal items away and have left the area.  It is preferred that you handle your clubs yourself and take them with you after golf but we will continue to store clubs if needed but staff will only handle them after you have left the area.

In order for us to open and stay open it is imperative that everyone commit to adhering to these policies.

We will have an extensive sanitizing procedure for our golf cars before and after each use.  Please respect the staff’s ability to follow these procedures before using your golf car.  They will be spraying and wiping all areas of the golf car with sanitizer before and after each use so please keep your distance during this process. 

We will open the golf course for play beginning at 7:15 AM Friday March 27th.  Tee times are available to book immediately either online or by calling the Golf Shop.  There are no plans for any organized group play so none of these times will be blocked.

We will have limited Beverage Car service available at this time.  There will be no prepared food, mixed drinks, etc. available.  The cars will have beer, soda and bagged snacks (chips, peanuts, etc.) available for purchase.  Please do not expect the staff to handle used items from your golf car, (empty bottles, cups, garbage in general) please dispose of these items yourself. 

Thank you in advance for your strict adherence to these policies.  We believe that the open air of the golf course is an excellent place to be during these difficult times but this is only possible if everyone will do their part in keeping us all safe and healthy.

Steven B. JohnsonDirector General/General Manager
PGA Director of Golf/Gerente Campo de Golf
El Tigre Golf & Country Club
Tel : [322] 226.8190  Ext: 102
Fax : [322] 226.8192

3 thoughts on “El Tigre Golf Course Reopens on Friday, March 27th, 2020

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    Thank you to everyone that came out to play yesterday.  We had nearly 130 rounds of golf for our first day open.  For the most part everyone did and excellent job of following the guidelines we set out for safety and health.  Please continue to follow all of these guidelines as we wish to stay open as long as possible but it will only be possible if everyone does their part.
    Please make tee times and provide names of everyone playing.  This will help the staff to be as prepared as possible.  Respect the staff’s ability to complete all of their required sanitization before and after use of each cart and respect the social distancing guidelines.
    Thanks again and hope to see you soon….stay safe and healthy!

  2. Jim Brown says:

    Nice work Steve and team. We are. glad to have golf again – and will be following each of these considerations to the letter. Also, just having to hit the stick sounds easier.

  3. David Pollick says:

    Steve – Well done and thank you!

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