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Ladies League – January 10, 2020

Hello Ladies:

This will be our first game with the new handicap system. We will not be using our handicaps for the this game but we will explain to you how to calculate your max score under the new system before the round.

The game this week is Fairways and Greens.  Handicaps are not used to score the game.

Each player will get 5 points for hitting the fairway off the tee. You only get 2 points if you are not in the fairway. Then subtract your total putts for the hole and that is your score. On par 3’s you get 5 points if you are in the fairway in front of the hole or if you are on the green.

Keep your regular score and also keep your points per hole.


On hole #1 you hit the fairway and have 2 putts;  you get 3 points.On hole #2 you miss the fairway and green and have 3 putts – you get -1 point. 

The skills this week will be KP on # 2 and #17, longest putt on #13 and we will have a draw for a “booby prize” for everyone that goes in the water on #6.

You must sign up in the system before Wednesday at midnight.
Remember to “SAVE” your calendar – that option is at the bottom of the page. Vivian Heistad will be the emergency contact for any changes after Wednesday at midnight.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

Carole, Francine, Janet, Mary Lou and Vivian

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