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Skins Game Changes

I have updated the Skins Game description on the website. Here’s a list of changes:

  • Players may play from the blue, blue/white, white, or white/gold combo tees. Older players with higher handicaps may also choose to play from the gold tees. (Age + white tee course handicap >= 83.)
  • Players are encouraged to pick up if they cannot score better than net double bogey.
  • Players with handicaps greater than 18 will receive their full handicap strokes in the team game, but still will not get more than one stroke for skins purposes.*

* Let’s say your team has 4 players, 3 of whom are 1-18 handicaps and 1 who is a 20. On hole #4, everyone makes par. Your team score for the hole is -4, because the 20 handicap gets 2 strokes. But when you call out the score for the skins run-through, you say “5 for 4”, not “5 for 3”. To avoid confusion, it might help to mark your scorecard as shown in the video at the end of the Skins Game description on the website.

2 thoughts on “Skins Game Changes

  1. jamnev says:

    Thanks for making this change Duane! I agree with it!

  2. Alan Bayliss says:

    Very Good Duane thanks for taking the time to make these changes. 

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