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Open House

Hola Todos,
We would love to have you join us for drinks, paella and empanadas on Saturday December 14 from 2:30 to 5:30.
We are in Quinta San Miguel (The new complex on the 5th fairway). Paseo de Las Garzas 289B, Casa 6.
Hope to see you here!
Terri & John Thomas

20 thoughts on “Open House

  1. Terri Thomas says:

    Hi all, 
    Glad many are coming to the Open House.  Please park in spaces in front of the building or on the street next to the empty lot.  Thanks and see you Saturday.
    Terri & John

    • Jerry Quigley says:

      So sorry we could not make your generous open house. We had two contractor delays that just could not get fixed. Hope to see you both around the club.

  2. Jerry Quigley says:

    Hi Terri & John
    Debbie & I are new, been here 1 month and 2nd week in the men’s league. We would be happy to attend and meet more league golfers/members and to see your new home!
    Jerry & Debbie Quigley
    PS: We are across the pond from the 5th tee box, so practically neighbors!

  3. nanste says:

    Thank you for the invitation. Woody and Nancy Steinhoff are planning on attending.

  4. frahar says:

    How nice of you, thank you.  We will be there with great pleasure.
    Francine & Michel

  5. Jim Brown says:

    Thanks for the lovely invitation. W are in! (Jim & Lisa Brown)

  6. diagme says:

    Hi Terri and John,
    Markus and I would love to visit and see your new home  🍷🏠
    Diane and Markus

  7. KeithBell says:

    Thank you kindly for the invite. I will be there 🙏🏻

  8. Debbie Graham says:

    Sounds great! Dave and I will be there.

    • Debbie Graham says:

      Dave Smiddy and I have to cancel. Thank you so much for the invite. As we live in Mexico 365 days, something has come up. Enjoy your open house! 

  9. evansb2 says:

    Thank you for the invitation! We will be delighted to attend.
    Shelley and Bill Evans

  10. Jim Jardine says:

    Terri / John …. Inez and I will be there.
    Thanks, Jim.

  11. chugil says:

    Hi Terri & John. I am not sure if we have met. We come down to Playa Royale for three months and arrive next week. Thank you so much for the invite to our Open House. We’d love to come and get to know you two & see everyone from our Couples League.

    • chugil says:

      Sorry I didn’t sign off. The above “anonymous” reply was from Chuck & Gretchen Gilligan

  12. Vivian Heistad says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new place!!  Thank you for the invite.  We’ll be there.
    Vivian and Don

  13. Myles McDonald says:

    Hola Terri & John,
    Thank you for the invite. Sharon and I will catch up with you both later in 2020. Looking forward to seeing the inside of the house. Have a great year.
    Sharon and Myles McDonald

    • john says:

      Looking forward to your return.  You are welcome anytime.

  14. Rosalie Barnes says:

    Hola Terri & John:
    Egils and I would be please to attend your Open House on the 14th.
    Rosalie & Egils

    • gregem says:

      Thank you for the invitation ! We will be happy to be there with you 
      Robert Demeule & Gemma Grégoire 

      • Rod says:

        Deb and I will be there 😁🍸

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