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End of season celebration

Hola todos,  we are planning a gathering after golf at Luma on April 7th.  Please let us know asap if you can play golf and/or if you are available for the reception after.  If any of you have guests, please let us know their names and handicaps.

We’ll play golf at 10:00 as usual and dinner will be a put luck.   Louise Favreau Pinet will be in charge , please let her know what you intend to bring.  Here’s her email address:

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Francine & Michel

7 thoughts on “End of season celebration

  1. Jim Brown says:

    Lisa and I will not be able to play or attend the celebration on the 7th. Lisa will be on holiday back in the states. Nevertheless we had a fantastic time with you all – and appreciate all the hard work it takes to make the couples league so buttoned-up. Cheers – Jim & Lisa Brown

  2. Myles McDonald says:

    Sharon and Myles McDonald will play golf and attend the reception.

  3. loufav says:

    Hi everybody. I will get back to you as soon as possible (when we will know who’s coming) to figure out about the menu, only to be sure we won’t have only salads to share😉, even if it’s soooo good! Looking forward to see you all! Xx

  4. dinqui says:

    We will be golfing and at the dinner.

    JO and Dina

  5. Rosa Gutierrez says:

    Martin and Rosa Dorfman will be playing on the 7 of April, but we will not attend the reception

    Thank you Francine and Michael

  6. Joe Rego says:

    Luisa and I will be there for the golf and reception afterwards.




    • Dilene Sorochan says:

      Don and Dilene will also be there for golf and the reception after.

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