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Women’s League Fri Mar 8th

Hola Chica’s

This week’s format is a Two Lady team with the Bonus Game (5 pts for the drive on the fairway then deduct the number of putts).  Both team members will count their points.  Skills will be added on Friday.  Francine and Janet are the captains for this week.

These are the ladies who have signed up so far.  Please check your March calendar if you want to be included.  Linda G, Lisa, Rosalie, Kathy, Vivian, Janet, Carole, Sue, Rosie, Louise F, Joan A, Sharon, Mimi, Meredith.

Congratulations to last week’s winner for the 4 Lady Team – 2 Best Nets counting  a minimum of 6 holes for each lady!   Donna, Kathy, Leanne and Mimi were the winners of this event!!   KP # 2  – Kathy;  KP to 150 yd marker #8- Mrynalynn;  Long Putt #18 – Rosie;  Long Putt # 13 – Rosalie.  Well Done, Ladies!

Good Luck to all the ladies participating in the Flamingos Mixer on Thursday!!

Hasta Luego,

El Tigre Women’s Committee



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