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Women’s League Fri Feb 15th

Hola Chicas,

The game this week is the 4 Lady Team Format counting 1 Low Net on Red, 2 Low Nets on White and 3 Low Nets on Blue.  To celebrate a belated  Valentines Day please wear red or pink!!

Names so far:  Mimie, Rosalie, Kathy, Sue M, Dina, Lisa, Linda A, Mrynalynn, Louise F, Brenda B, Janet, Mary Lou,  Vivian, Carole, Lucie, Diane S, Rosie.  Please check your calendar if your name is not listed and you plan on playing.

Congratulations to all our winners with the Flamingos Mixer on Friday.  Flamingos Ladies were VERY impressed with El Tigre and the organization of the event.  Thank you to everyone who helped out to make this event a successful day!!!

Sign up for El Tigre Ladies to attend the Flamingos Ladies Day on Thursday March 7th will start this Friday.

Cost is 50 pesos for the Game and 20 pesos for Skills (optional).  Start time is 9:00, meeting time is 8:45.  Correct change is appreciated!

Hasta Luego,

El Tigre Women’s Committee


2 thoughts on “Women’s League Fri Feb 15th

  1. Dilene Sorochan says:

    Sorry, I thought I was on the calendar to play Friday. I must not have saved it. I do plan on playing. Dilene

    • marpla says:

      HI Dilene, you are on our list for tomorrow. See you then! Mary-Lou

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