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Women’s League Fri Feb 1st

Hola Chicas,

This week we will be a 4 Lady Team Format counting 2 Low Nets on Odd Holes only!  Carole and Mary Lou will be the Captains this week.

Congratulations to last week’s winner’s on our Individual Low Gross, Low Net  format.  There were 3 Handicap Groups (0-19, 20 -29, 30 +).  0 – 19 Sharon Low Gross, Carole Low Net ; 20 -29 Rosalie Low Gross, Mary Low Net; 30 + Kim Parr Low Gross, Kathy Low Net.  Long Drives in each Group: Janet (1), Diane & Lisa (2), Rosa (3).  Chip Ins were won by Lisa & Kim.  Well Done, Ladies!!

Sign up for the Two Lady Team Competition with Flamingos joining us will continue this Friday.

Ladies who have signed up so far are for Fri:  Mimi. Mary Lou, Rosie, Linda G, Janice, Linda A, Sue M, Lucie, Meredith, Leanne, Vivian, Janet, Carole, Lisa, Louise F, Kathy.  Please check your calendar if your name is not here.  We have a new month now!

Game time is 9:00, meeting time is 8:45.  Cost is 50 pesos for the game and 20 pesos for skills (optional).

Hasta Luego,

El Tigre Women’s League Committee

3 thoughts on “Women’s League Fri Feb 1st

  1. Dilene Sorochan says:

    I am just coming back to Nuevo Feb.2 and would like to sign up for the Feb.8 ladies golf with the Flamingo ladies. I will need a partner.  Dilene Sorochan

    • olggre says:

      See you tomorrow at 8.30am thank u

    • Vivian Heistad says:

      I have added your name to the list for Fri Feb 8th.

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