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Women’s League Fri Jan 18th

Hola Chicas,

The format on Friday will be a Random 4 Lady Team counting 2 low nets per hole.  This game will have a little twist to it.  Come on out and enjoy the day!  Carole & Janet will be the captains for this event!

Congratulations to last week’s winners for the Two Lady Team Low Net and Low Gross competition.  The winner’s of the Low Net  were Sharon and Donna and the winners of the Low Gross were Louise F and Vivian.  Skill winners were:  KP to the 150 #3 –  Dina,  Long Putt #10-  Dina, KP on #18 – Janice,  Deuces were made by Donne and Diane K.  Well Done!!

These ladies have signed up so far: Mimi, Carole, Janet M, Louise F, Vivian, Nancy M, Rosalie, Linda A, Adrienne, Donna, Mary Lou.  Please check your calendar for Friday if your name is not here.  Social members are welcome!

Tee Time is 9:00.  Meeting is at 8:45.  Cost is 50 pesos for the game and 20 pesos for the skills (optional).   Correct change is really appreciated!!

Hasta Luego,

El Tigre Ladies Club Committee



3 thoughts on “Women’s League Fri Jan 18th

  1. diakir says:

    please can you sign Adrienne in please for this Friday Jan 25th many thanks

  2. nanste says:

    Hi, This in Nancy S. I would like to plan as a social member on Friday the 18th.  Thanks  Nancy

  3. Rosa Gutierrez says:

    Hello : I thought I registered yesterday for this Friday ’s women’s league, but I don’t see my name in the list of ladies registered so far

    Pleas let me know if there is something else I could do to register.

    Have a great day

    Rosa Gutierrez

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